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About Arizona Outlaws Lacrosse

This box game is played at a higher tempo than the field game in a much tighter space.  This sharpens a players ability to react and you find that players with box experience, in many cases, have superior stick skills than those who have never played the box game before."  - Nick Myers (Head Coach, The Ohio State University)

Tools of the trade

Arizona Outlaws Lacrosse was created to teach the game of box lacrosse, while continuing to develop the skills of young lacrosse players across the Valley.  It is no coincidence that over the past 20 years when it comes to collegiate and professional (field and box) lacrosse you'll find players with box experience as some of the most skilled, and productive players in the game.


Today more than ever, box lacrosse skills are crucial in the development of any young lacrosse player.  Box lacrosse is played at a rapid pace, in a confined space, which in-turn helps kids think faster thus making decisions much quicker.  The fast pace also permits a player to get a significant amount of reps with the ball, compared to field play -- allowing one to better develop stick-skills. 


The Arizona Outlaws Lacrosse program gives players an opportunity to learn the box game, and enhance their skills, ultimately equipping them with the tools necessary to assist in their future development.


Our goal with Arizona Outlaws is to enhance players overall play and reach their highest potential.  We will hold practices and clinics that focus on strategy and skill. The first half of the session is used to run drills focusing on development and game scenarios. The second part of the session consists of scrimmages allowing the players to play, applying the skills and strategies learned during practice. 


The Arizona Outlaws program will also field travel teams that will compete in tournaments across the U.S., and eventually Canada.  Our players will be exposed to, and compete with some of the best players in the sport along with other top-notch coaches and trainers. 


We have some of the top coaching latent to ensure our youth is given the best instruction possible -- all Arizona Outlaws coaches played, at a minimum, at a collegate level.  


On the Floor Training:


Players will receive innovative box lacrosse player development skills training.  Each practice highlights critical box lacrosse skills and allows for high repetition and one-on-one instruction.


Taking it to the Field:


Our coach will train our players the skills they need to be competitive and confident on the field.


What to Expect:

  • Basic Box/Field Lacrosse Concepts
  • Scoring Drills
  • Shooting in Tight and Shot Placement
  • Offensive and Defensive Systems
  • Learning and Defending the Two-Man Game
  • Pushing the Floor/Field in Transition
  • Proper Positioning on Offense and Defense
  • Proper Communication and Teamwork
  • Scrimmages