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USBOXLA Membership and Registration Information

To sign up for your U.S. Box Lacrosse Membership (USBOXLA) - This is REQUIRED to participate in the any Box lacrosse play/tournament competition and the Arizona Outlaws are sponsoring 55% of your first year membership - it's no cost to you.  

As a reminder, to take advantage of this:  

  1. Players should go to the USBOXLA Membership website PRIOR to the first training session. (There is also a link to this on the Arizona Outlaws Lacrosse website.)
  2. Select "USBOXLA Player Membership" (regularly $45 USD).
  3. VERY IMPORTANT!  PLEASE NOTE:  When asked, select "Arizona Outlaws Lacrosse" as your Sanctioned League.  (Failure to put in proper league will delay your registration process.) 
  4. Use Coupon Code "QBVXBB6D" when registering, this will take your first-year balance to $20.

Arizona Outlaws Lacrosse is very happy to be able to sponsor over half of this first-year fee for our Box lacrosse players.  We strongly suggest if you plan on participating in any of the upcoming Box training, you take advantage of this one-time deal.